A Wrong Decision

I am trying to get back to running on a regular basis — the holidays and the weather and other busyness (too many excuses, Dale) have gotten in the way.  It was a beautiful day today, even though it started out cool.  By the time I went out running it was a beautiful, sunny, late-fall day.  “Why not forgo the long-sleeve running shirt, since it’s so nice,” I thought to myself.  So, that’s what I did — just running shorts and a wicking running shirt.  The temps were in the mid-40’s and the sun was shining — that was until we got to the park.  The sun decided to hide behind the clouds and a fall breeze blew in.  The first mile and a half was cold — I struggled with a muscle that was tight — my thought as I started the run, was just to have fun running 5 miles.  I made good time on the first lap — so I pushed on.  The next two laps were slower, but by the fourth lap I was feeling better and was able to push the tempo once again, so much so that I completed the final lap the fastest in 14:10 for 1.36 miles.  My total time was 1:00:03 for 5.56 miles, which equals my fastest 5-1/2 mile run.  Not bad, considering I have been slacking lately.  My goal is to maintain, until it gets warm again and then begin training for a half-marathon.  I’d like to get 3 to 4 five mile runs in each week until then.

Still Pressing On!

2 thoughts on “A Wrong Decision

  1. I know I didn’t get back to that. It was wearing the short sleeve running shirt — I should have worn the long-sleeved shirt in addition. That would have made the run more tolerable in the early going.

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