Sunday Night Thoughts

  • It was wonderful to have my parents and our children and future son-in-law at our house for Thanksgiving.  We had a great time and I miss everyone already.
  • We are having a bit of a winter preview this weekend, minus the snow — last year we had our first big snow on Saturday before the second Sunday of Advent — which is next week.  At the moment there is nothing like that in the forecast — whew!!!!
  • It’s not going to be warm this week, but at least it won’t be really cold.
  • We had a wonderful morning of worship during our service this morning as we kicked off the season of Advent — a season of waiting and preparation.  The pre-school class helped us light the first candle and did a great job.
  • Immediately following worship, we cleared the platform for tonight’s concert and then jumped in the van to take Rebecca and Anna to Roanoke to catch a ride back to SWU.
  • The traffic this afternoon was nothing short of crazy.  We finally took a parallel road that helped quite a bid — something like the narrow way and few will find it.  More on that later on in the week.
  • After 4 hours and ten minutes on the roads, we were back at church and gearing up for choir practice.  Since we weren’t rehearsing in the sanctuary, I temporarily lost the accompaniment track — I was able to find it and we had a good rehearsal.  Great job choir!
  • Tonight, a local quartet kicked-off there Christmas concert season at our church — it was a mix of gospel and Christmas song — very casual and relaxed.
  • I’m tired and yet my mind is still moving — but time to try to wind down and get ready for the week.  Seize the Day!

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