This afternoon, following some church work, and before persuing more church work, Pam and I went to our local Staunton Arby’s.  I am impressed with this local franchise.  It’s my understanding that there was a change of management a while back, sometime around the time we arrived in Staunton.  This is a hard working crew — no matter when we are there.  I was particularly impressed by Sean and the crew today.  Sean usually remembers what you ordered to drink when you ask for a refill — I think he has made this a goal in his life — they are all about the customer service.  If you are in the Staunton area, I encourage you to check them out.  If you are driving by Staunton, they aren’t exactly right off the exit, but well worth the customer service they provide.  Keep up the good work!

Running Update

A Run in the Park

Today, I thought I would do something I haven’t done in a while and that would be to run through the park for the entirety of my run.  I haven’t done that in several months, so my body would have to get used to something different today.  I was able to run 5.2 miles today.  It was purposely a harder run than usual and I plan another short, but faster run for Wednesday, with another 10 mile run planned for Friday.  Pressing On!

Sunday Night Thoughts

  • We had another beautiful day here in the Shenandoah Valley.  It is still hot in the afternoons and this week the temps are going to be in the 90 to 95 range early in the week.  There is no rain in sight.
  • Yesterday was an emotionally draining day — see yesterday’s post.
  • It was good to worship with God’s people this morning.  We had a great worship service and received communion together as a congregation.  That is always a highlight for me.
  • Sickness and other circumstances dwindled our praise team this week.  Hopefully we will be back to full strength next week.
  • We celebrated my birthday today — tried something new — Chipolte.  That was our first time and we all liked it.  The burritos are huge!
  • Looking forward to getting a run in tomorrow morning, before it gets too warm.
  • Looking forward to building God’s Kingdom this week.

Seize the Day!

Sunday Set List

August 29, 2010

14th Sunday After Pentecost

Welcome and Announcements

Call to Worship and Invocation

Romans 5:6-11

Songs of Worship

Our Great Savior (Chapman/Prichard)

You Are My All In All (Jernigan)

Worship Through Prayer

O The Blood of Jesus (Traditional)

Grace Greater Than Our Sin (Johnson/Towner)

Worship Through Giving

Song of Worship

Amazing Grace (Newton/Traditional)

Worship Through God’s Word

Being Devoted to God

Psalm 27:4-9

Song of Preparation

Communion (Avery/Carr/Powell/Lee/Anderson)

Worship At the Lord’s Table

The Lord’s Prayer

Song of Benediction

The Bond of Love (Skillings)


A Little Blue

Today has been a tough day.  Usually one of the first things that I do after getting up is to check my e-mail.  By 9 o’clock, I hadn’t done that — like I said — highly unusual.  Shortly after that I found out a dear saint from our church had gone home to be with the Lord.  We had our annual barbeque fundraiser for missions this morning and it helped to be around others from our church — who felt the same type of loss.  We agreed as a team to go take food to the family.  Since I have gotten home, I have been mellow.  Pam and I will miss him.  I know the family will miss him as well.  Be praying for our church family as we minister to the family during this next week and beyond.