Running Update

7.45 Miles

This has been an amazing week in my life.  We are having a great Vacation Bible School — several of our students have crossed the line of faith — and we are having a great time learning and singing the songs.  We have a great staff of volunteers, teachers, and assistants.  It has been a wonderful week.

It has been a great week running-wise as well.  Since I got stopped short of my 7 mile goal on Wednesday, I was determined to do what it took to get 7+ miles in today.  A little cold front came through this morning, so it was cooler than the last few mornings and a welcome relief.  I think that is one reason things went well.  I can’t say that I struggled on any part of the 7 mile run this morning.  One funny thing that happened was that I outran a garbage truck that was picking up garbage — I thought to myself — “Faster than a speeding garbage truck picking up garbage.”  I am improving and this week I have really noticed that my overall speed is faster, and I have more endurance.  This is so amazing.  Who would have ever thought that when I started running eleven months ago, I would be running 7+ miles — definitely not me!  Pressing On!

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