Running Update

Today’s goal was a long, easy run — hopefully 7 miles.  That is the next milestone I need to pass to work on this 10 miler this fall.  I ran 6.3 miles this morning — not quite my goal, but that is the second time this week I have run 6 miles, which brings my total running miles to 15.  I’ve also walked 10 miles this week.  There are two cool things that happened during this morning’s run.  It is still quite warm in the mornings, so it was a good workout.  I started out a little slower than usual.  What I noticed after about a mile of running is that I wasn’t out of breath and even better, I could breath through my nose while running.  How cool is that?????  I was able to do that several times during the run — which is something that hasn’t happened up to this point.  The other thing was that for the first 5.5 miles, it was probably the most consistent run — no cramps — no feeling really tired — or out of breath.  It was a really fun run until my body ran out of fuel at the end.  Anyway, I still consider this morning’s run a success — eleven months ago, I couldn’t run a mile.  Pressing On!

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