Running Update

Yes, I know it’s been a week, since I last updated, but it’s been a difficult week running wise.

  • The great news was I scored a pair of new running shoes that normally sell for $75 for $31.50 — how’s that for a deal.
  • During last Wednesday’s run, my foot started hurting — I thought it was my old running shoes.
  • Friday – I went out for a slow run with the new shoes to break them in and did one lap
  • Saturday – Pam and I went out walking and did another lap
  • Monday – I went out and tried to do 3 or 4 laps but only did 2 1/4.
  • Today, I was able to complete 3 laps — the feet are feeling much better!
  • My time was 48:15 or 12:22/mile.
  • It didn’t get as much mileage as I wanted this week, but I continue to lose weight.  I’ve lost another 4 pounds 🙂
  • The weather looks beautiful for the weekend — should be able to get several nice runs in.

Pressing ON!

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