Sunday Night Thoughts

  • Yes, I know it’s Monday morning when this went up.  Yesterday was an incredible day…
  • Our girls are home for Spring Break, which has nothing to do with Spring.  It only means that they are halfway through the semester….
  • The weather around here is doing battle.  Spring wants to come and yet Winter doesn’t want to give up yet.  We have had some nice days of melting since last Sunday.  In many places the 12+” of snow have given way to grass.  It’s not warm enough for it to green up yet.  But that should be starting soon.  Snow/Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow night.
  • The morning worship service was incredible.  This despite all the technical issues (mainly with the projector.)  It’s going in for repair this week.  It was good to have my girls on the worship team with me.
  • Since we didn’t have the projector by mid-worship set, we had to “call an audible.”  We went with something familiar (Victory In Jesus), but I didn’t have the lyrics for it.  I spent most of my time trying to recall the words.  The congregation did well for not having the words.
  • Choir — you are doing great.  What a joy it was to direct our Palm Sunday choir.  We have at least 20 singing for Palm Sunday.  There are lots of great songs in this worship musical.  Most of which we will be able to teach to the congregation that morning and then use in worship.
  • Last night we finally were able to get in our Chili Cook-off.  We had prizes for Best and 2nd Best, Hottest, and Most Unusual.  We had 11 entries.  What a great evening of fellowship.  I won the prize for Most Unusual for my White Chili.  A good friend of mine gave me the recipe.  I have modified it a little to make it my own.  It must have been good as well, because there was only a bowlful to take home.
  • That about wraps it up.  Have a great week and Seize the Day for God’s Kingdom.

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