Sunday Night Thoughts

  • The warmth has returned to the Shenandoah Valley.  What a beautiful late winter day we had today.  The snow is finally beginning to lose its grip.
  • This morning was rough to get up.  Yesterday, we took our teens to Winterjam.  We had a great time listening and worshiping.  We got home late so it made it a little rough getting up.
  • I had a great time in personal worship before anybody arrived.  It was really cool.
  • This morning our video projector decided to give us a hard time.  Thanks to Pierce, Marvin, and Jan for stepping up and helping out get this problem resolved.
  • All that said the worship time (the whole service) was great.  We had an amazing time.  The praise team did a great job.  Thank you Lord and thank you Holy Spirit for guiding us.
  • The choir continues to rehearse and is coming along well.
  • We finished the day with a meeting with our church’s Global Ministry Team.  We have a great team with a great heart for missions.
  • I’m looking forward to what God has in store this week.  Seize the Day!

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