Worshiping…in Spirit and Truth

On this coming Monday, it will be one year since I received the first call about the possibilities to come and serve on staff at Parkway Wesleyan Church. In light of that, I changed the name of the blog to Transitions. This past year has been a year of transitions. We are now settled into our brand new parsonage and serving on staff. Since my primary responsibilities lie in the areas of worship and student ministries, I wanted the title to reflect at least part of that. Worship has always been a subject I have written about and so I thought it was appropriate to use a title that reflected the idea of worship.

Since I began this blog it was written about the reflections of a small church pastor, who did a little bit of everything and the posts reflected that. Now that my area of ministry is more focused, I thought that I would focus on that. Not that I will ignore other topics, but worship is a passion of mine and I will be focusing on that area.

Welcome to Worshiping…in Spirit and Truth. Blessings…


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