Running Update

Sunrise Gypsy Hill Park

This morning wasn’t the first time I ever ran at sunrise, but it was the first time that I ever ran at Gypsy Hill Park in the early morning.  Most of my runs there have been in the afternoon.  I love to watch Sunrise Earth, especially on our HD television.  This morning I was able to watch the “sun rise” right before my very eyes.  When I got up the temp was right around freezing.  Imagine a 30 degree, January day, with a light fog and overcast skies with blue sky peeking through here and there.

When I first got to the park, there were just a few walkers and one other jogger.  During the time I was there, the traffic picked up in the park quite a bit.  When the sun finally does come out today, I’m sure the park will get lots of use.  It was interesting to hear all the morning sounds — the woodpecker trying to get some food — the ducks and the swans at the pond — the geese flying overhead.  In addition to that there are the park squirrels gathering food.  It is great to watch all of that.  When I went by the duck pond, I was thinking about the first several times I ran at Gypsy Hill and it almost sounded like the ducks were mocking me.  Well, I’m way passed that now.

This morning was a tough, but fun run.  I completed 3 laps or 3.9 miles in 47:30 (another personal best!)  We are slowly moving back toward that 12 minute mile mark.  Today I clocked in at 12:10 minute mile.  Monday is suppose to be much warmer and sunny and I plan on putting in 4 laps or 5.2 miles.  It’s time to get back to that distance and an hour or so run.

Pressing On!

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