Haiti Update

Wesleyan Churches in Haiti Damaged by Earthquake

Jan. 18, 2010

The Wesleyan church of Carrefour Dufort-Leogane (pictured) is one of five Wesleyan churches in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. This photo by Thony Querette shows the extent of damage to one of those churches. Photos and videos of Haiti are being sent to The Wesleyan Church World Headquarters by World Hope International CEO, Dr. Karl Eastlack. Updates on the Church’s Haiti Emergency Relief efforts are being posted regularly.

A “call for a church-wideDay of Prayer and Fasting for Haiti, along with sacrificial giving, has been issued by the Board of General Superintendents of The Wesleyan Church. According to board chair Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, “The immense tragedy of the earthquake that has devastated Haiti is beyond human comprehension, but not beyond Christ-inspired compassion. We encourage each of our local congregations to set aside one day between Sunday,January 17 and Sunday, January 24 as a day of sorrow, prayer and fasting for the suffering nation of Haiti. We also ask every Wesleyan to donate the cost of at least one day’s meals to our cooperative disaster response effort by sending gifts either to the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund or World Hope International (our primary international relief and development partner).”

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