Relaxing at the Duck Pond

One of the things that our family loves about Staunton is Gypsy Hill Park.  According to the city website, it is a 214 acre multi-use park.  I am beginning to use this as my regular training area and have watched the transition from the late summer through the fall into our early winter.  Yesterday as I finished my 4 mile run, I first stopped at the fitness stations and did my post-run stretching.  Pam and James still had not come to pick me up so I wandered over to the duck pond — which is pictured on the left in its summertime glory.  Yesterday was cloudy, so the pond was grey.  A lady was feeding the ducks and swans that had gathered.  There are Mallards and some domesticated white ducks and several that I had never seen before.  It was so relaxing just watching her feed the ducks and standing at the fence.  I was still quite warm from my run so the 40 degree weather didn’t bother me, so I stood there and marveled at God’s creation.  Here were ducks sitting in cold water — much colder than our bodies could stand — enjoying their food.  It was neat to watch the ducks put their heads in the water and come out and then watch the water bead on their heads.

As I stood there at the fence, I felt more at peace and more relaxed than I had in a long time.  It was and even this morning is a great feeling.  I know the running has helped and God is working in both Pam and my life.  God is Good!

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