Running Update

Mind over Matter

The last time I ran was 4 miles in 48 minutes on Tuesday.  That was before some delicious cooking and Thanksgiving dinners and all that.  I really didn’t want to run in a strange place and beside the weather really didn’t cooperate for any running (fog, drizzle, etc.) This morning was beautiful but cold, so I put it off and almost put it off altogether, but figured I ought to go out and get something in.

Today was one of those mind game days — I had to keep battling in my mind how far I wanted to go.  I easily passed the one mile mark and before I knew it I was past the 1.5 mile mark and past the 2 mile mark.  At that point I decided I should at least complete the loop, which I did.  By the 3-mile mark I was wearing down and kept pushing myself to get to the 4-mile mark.  When I reached that, there was no more pushing — I couldn’t go any further.  I walked the last mile home.

Our Christian life can sometimes be just like that.  I really had to push myself past that first mile.  Sometimes we need to push ourselves to go past that first mile — to put in that first step — then the next part comes easy.  But there will always be that need to want to quit.  I had to overcome that several times during the run today.  I knew that I wanted to run 4 or 5, but at first all I could think of running was one.

Today was one of those days that it was simply telling my mind to ignore what my body was telling me and go on.  Perhaps you are in a place like that today — with God’s help, you can do it.  Pressing on…

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