Wednesday Night Update

Beautiful Fall Weather

Today had one of those cool starts, but by 11 AM it was building into a very nice fall day. I love the fall, especially here in the South.

House Update

Things have really begun to move on the house. Here are some pictures. The front lawn is beginning to grow. The house is insulated and drywall started going in this morning. It is really looking nice. All the hardwood floor is in. We are looking forward to moving in soon.

Running Update Pt. 2

I’ve already shared how well I did today. As of today, I have lost 12 + pounds. I weighed in at 248 pounds today. Let’s just say I’m very pleased.

Student Ministries

We had a great time during student ministries. I really enjoyed listening to the students as we sang. They did a great job. I sat in with the High School students and enjoyed the lesson from one of our great volunteers. After that we had a really good praise team rehearsal.

Watching Baseball

It looks like another nail-biting finish for the Phillies. Hopefully the Phils wrap it up tonight – really needed that pop-up in the top of the eighth.

We have a big day tomorrow again. Seize the Day!

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