God, Give Me Courage

God, give me courage…courage to stand, to speak, to go the distance, pay the price, take the risk, and take the flack!  Give me courage to live by truth instead of what’s easy to place principle above popularity, conviction above convenience, and right above recognition.

God, give me courage to be confident in the face of criticism, brave in the midst of barrage, assured in the onslaught of attack, dedicated at the time of decision, and focused in the moment of fire; give me courage to say no when all others are saying yes;  courage to follow when the majority scatters; courage to keep marching when the rest are meandering ;  courage to go when the crowd says stay; courage to walk when other just talk; courage to hope when many just cope; courage to contend when others pretend; courage to shout when most just doubt; courage to stay the course, hold the line, finish the race, complete the journey, and never cave in.

God, give me courage to be the maverick, set the pace, carry the torch, be called the fool, be laughed at, scorned, ridiculed, hated, written off, abused, or ignored, but let that courage keep me at my post, lifting high Your truth, Your standard, Your word , and Your promise! Give me courage to not jump ship, bail out, run away, be intimidated, forsake the call, cave in, compromise, or cow-tow, or run.

God, give me courage to dream big dreams, see large visions, plow new ground, chart new courses, sail new seas, and set new records. Give me courage to put character above compromise, purity above the popular, resolve above what’s applicable, passion above pleasure, faithfulness above flippancy!

God, give me courage to think Your thoughts, obey Your commands, follow Your path, take the guff, suffer the loss, carry Your cross and be Your faithful disciple, clear to the end.


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