Long Distance Runner

Some of you who have been around a while will recognize this as an old DeGarmo and Key song.  I love the version that is on the Live — No Turning Back album.  The whole project is good, but this song has some great guitar soloing by Dana Key.

While I have not achieved the status of a long-distance runner — not by a long shot — this morning was a great day for me.  My total distance was 3.1 miles.  My goal right now is to get up to 4 miles and begin training for a 5K race this spring.  Of those 3.1 total miles, I ran 2.25 miles. For non-runners 3.1 miles is 5K, but I need to run a bit further to train for 5K.  This is a personal best.  I’m still amazed myself.  I’m getting to the point where breathing wise I can sustain a long run, but leg wise I’m still falling a little short.  My legs give out before my breathing gives out.

I found out I am definitely a cool-weather runner — I do not like to run in heat or humidity.  This morning’s 60 degrees was perfect.  The other thing that happened is that I tried to keep my head up — always looking toward the prize, which has great spiritual application.  So many times we run our spiritual lives looking at the ground — just meeting the immediate needs.  What we may need to do is look up at the prize — and run toward it.  Then maybe we will find ourselves a long-distance runner spiritually as well.

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