Wednesday Night Update

You Picked A Fine Time to Leave Me Lucielle

No, I am not turning into Kenny Rogers.  Today was an interesting day in our life.  Last night during our board meeting, we discussed that the church van was having some problems.  One was tires and the other was a clicking sound when we attempted to start the engine.  First, we went to Advance Auto to have the battery checked — that checked out just fine.  Then we went to several places to get quotes on tires.  And then we decided to take lunch.  When we got back in the van, it decided not to start and we heard the click that was discussed.  My guess is that it was the starter and I tried a couple taps on the starter, but was unsuccessful.  We secured a ride back home.  

The whole story turns out well.  They were able to get the van started and took it to the high school to have the starter replaced.  Pam and I got back home just a few minutes ago — retrieving the van.  All in all everything got done, but I’m glad the day is over.

Because we didn’t have use of the van, Mosaic Student Ministries didn’t meet tonight.  Hopefully the rest of the week, we be smoother.  Have a great rest of the week.

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