New Glasses

Yesterday I got a call that my new glasses were in.  Because I’m getting older, I now need bi-focals.  It was really interesting.  We were at Wal-mart and I began looking around seeing what I’ve been missing, like really small print.  It’s nice to look at the computer without squinting.

However, bi-focals take some getting use to.  If you have them, you know what I mean.  I talked with others and they said the same thing.  I just need to be careful until I get used to them.

I continue to ask for your prayers as I head for eye surgery on Tuesday.  Being that my vision cleared up that much with new glasses, I really can’t wait now to have that cataract removed and my vision get back to normal.  Blessings…

One thought on “New Glasses

  1. Ah yes! I remember when I got my bi-focals a few years ago. The first time I took the stairs, I almost fell. It was at that point that I realized I needed to really slow down and think about what I was doing for a while. You do get used to them and it IS nice to be able to see again!

    This could be a good analogy to use for a sermon. I’ve got ideas running through my head! hmmmmm….

    Have a blessed day, friends!

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