Wednesday Night Mosaic Update

Spring is Back

Today the warm weather returned to the Southside, even if it is only for a few days.  It was nice to walk around without a jacket.  Sooner or later it will be hotter than we can stand.

Preparation Day

I spend most of the day in preparation for tonight and for Sunday.  It was tough because I was looking to make tonight’s student ministry meaningful (especially in light of Ash Wednesday) and yet I knew our group sometimes has difficulty with these kinds of events.  We moved Mosaic upstairs (sound and video).

Good Problems

We also had to solve some transportation problems because Mosaic is growing again.  Tonight we had 21 and 9 staff for a total of 30.  The behavoir problems were non-existent.  We had a great service.  A great combination of music and worship, videos, scripture reading, along with teaching.  Our theme this year is Spring Training — where we spend time conditioning our spiritual lives. I was really excited because several students made some faith decisions (turning away from sin.)  which made the night special.

Surgery Update/Prayer Request

Next Tuesday, I go for surgery to remove a cataract from my right eye.  I had a cataract removed already from my left eye while we lived in New York.  Like I mentioned last week, I busted up my glasses and Pam has had to drive me around.  I get my new glasses this weekend.  🙂  Be praying that all goes well.

Seize the Day!!!

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