Monday Night Bowling

Tonight was the last night of the regular season.  Next week we have something called a roll-off.  The top four teams compete for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for the season.  The remaining 12 teams are all pitted against each other – each rolling on a different pair of lanes.  It’s wierd because the team you are bowling against really doesn’t matter, because you are rolling against 11 other teams.

We started the night in 10th place.  We will not be rolling for any of the top positions next week 😦  We did bowl very well tonight, taking all 7 points.  We had 42 wins and 42 losses, so now we have 49 wins and 42 losses.

On a personal note I bowled a 172, 114, 145 for a 431 series, which is above my average.  I will finish the season at a 139 average, which is 11 pins higher than last year 🙂  It has been a good year.  One more week to go.  Take care.

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