Interesting Links

Occasionally, I put up links of things that I’ve found of interest.  This week there are several that I would like to share with you.

This week I’ve been part of a conversation discussing the nature of the church (or Ecclesiology.)  Part of that discussion revolves around what it means to be part of the universal church.  Part of the difficulty that began at the Reformation is that the church became split at that time — the Roman Catholic Church on one side and the Protestants on the other.  That discussion noted that Protestants seem to have more difficulty in understanding the church universal than Catholics or Orthodox.  I would tend to agree here.  Because of the nature of the Protestant Reformation, it has become much easier to split again and with each split we feel less connectedness with the church universal.  This is one of the reasons that I loved our ecumenical clergy association while we were in New York — it gave us a sense that we churches were in this together.  Which brings me to the first link.

U.S. Protestants more loyal to toothpaste brand than church?” (HT: Mark D. Roberts)

Click on the link to read more.  Mark’s comments are under his link.  What was interesting is that Catholics and Orthodox have much more loyalty than Protestants, which I see as an interesting corellation.

Recently, there has been much written on the exodus of pastors from rural/small town churches.  This seems especially true in the heartland of America.  This article speaks to the pastor shortage in the Upper Midwest and what churches are doing to address it.  It also speaks of rural ministry in general.  You may have noticed a new blog to the right called Rural Route Church.  It is another great resource for pastors of rural churches.  And it includes short biographies of pastors of rural churches.

Here is one more link from Dr. Keith Drury on the role of the pastor’s wife.  Again, I find it an interesting read.  Pam had planned to link to it yesterday, so I thought I would put it up today.

So there you have it — several links to check out.  It looks like today will be rainy and cold on the Southside.  I am looking forward to Mosaic tonight.  I’ll update you later.  Blessings….


One thought on “Interesting Links

  1. Good morning,
    It is a beautiful day and the rain is what God intends for us today. We should be Happy & Glad in it. I am so excited, every morning i am anxious to get to the website and see what Pastor Dale has for us to enjoy. I love it. I am very excited about where God is leading me and I am looking forward to using what he has lent to us (our group “Open Arms Open Heart”) to glorify him and help to win hearts and souls to Christ. We have a lot to offer, the most important is the Love we have for God and our desire to share that love. Have a wonderful blessed day Pastor Dale and Pam and all who may read this. Becky

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