What’s Your Passion

Yesterday as part of our worship time, we prayed for our military personnel. One of the students has a son who is in the military and asked for prayer for him and all of our military. Wayne asked Pam if she would lead this prayer. Would she? Why, of course she would. Ministry to the military is one of Pam’s passion areas.

Not only is the Department of Education and the Ministry responsible for the education of pastors, but they also oversee Wesleyan chaplains — both military and institutional. As Wayne introduced what we were about to do and introduced Pam, I saw a gleam in her eye — this was an opportunity to share her passion with over 100 people — and she took it. She could hardly wait to share how to minister to our military and our chaplains and she did a great job and her prayer reflected the passion that she had for the military. I know this made her day.

So what is your passion and how are you pursuing it?

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