Saturday Roadtrip (Repost)

I don’t know what happened to this post originally.  I thought I posted it, but it was in my drafts folder and I looked back and saw we never posted it.  This should have been posted on 10/19.  Sorry

Today we got the family up early so that Pam and Anna could attend a district Women’s Ministry event.  It was a bit of an adventure.  We went to use our credit card at the gas station this morning ($2.75/gallon on the Southside) and it declined it.  Not a good thing.  I called the bank and it turns out their was a glitch in the system.  When it was entered manually everything worked ok.  This put us behind and we got to Salem a few minutes late (with only one minor wrong turn.)

Pam shared at the luncheon how she ministers to military families and she has shared on this blog some of the ways we do that.  One church was excited to help and is going to help send packages this Christmas.  Very cool.

James and I decided to go find a hobby store (which was an exercise in futility.  He did show me several items he wants for Christmas, so it wasn’t all that bad.  We decided to have a guy’s breakfast at Waffle House.  We shared an All-Star breakfast and both of us were full when we were finished. We had a great time before we rejoined the women.

This is race weekend in the big city of Martinsville, but many of the sponsors have cut down on the amount of giveaways.  Well, its time to go prepare for worship tomorrow.  Blessings.

Here are some pictures of our roadtrip.

James standing in front of one of the few race cars out this weekend

James standing in front of one of the few race cars out this weekend

Women's Ministries Luncheon


District Director Lisa Shinn

District Director Lisa Shinn



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