Election 2008

To say the least, this election season has been most interesting — no, not because of the constant mud slinging – that’s pretty much business as usual. It’s because I have been listening to Christians talking about this election, especially as it applies to presidential hopeful Barak Obama. I’m sure you have received the emails, just as we have. Early on, Prof. Keith Drury wrote about those forwarded emails. There have been many mistruths spoken about both candidates through those forwarded emails. One of the themes we have heard lately is “what will happen to this ‘Christian Nation’ if Senator Obama is elected?” Before we (this is a co-operative post between Pam and I) get to that – the main reason for writing this, is because we want people to vote based on the facts of both candidates and not the fiction that has been tossed around.

  1. First and foremost, no matter who gets elected, God will still be on the throne. The election in the United States does not change that fact. God will still be sovereign and he places in authority those whom He wishes. Romans 13:1-7 states: Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God. No matter who gets elected we must then, as we are reminded in 1 Timothy 2:2 to Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. I know it is hard to pray for a person with whom you do not agree, but that does not change what scripture tell us to do. One of the commitments that Pam and I have made is to pray for our elected President whether he or she is the person voted for or not — which begs another question — “What will your church do with evangelical Obama voters?” How will we treat those who voted differently? My prayer would be that in Christ’s church, we would still treat them with Christian love and respect.
  1. This nation was built on Christian-Judeo beliefs and principles, but this country was not founded as a Protestant Christian nation. Our founding fathers wrote the Bill of Rights so that everyone had the right to worship in whatever way they wanted to. We have never had a state religion. It is written into our Constitution.
  2. History will tell you that when and where Christianity has died, (such as in Western Europe, Germany and the UK, to be specific) it has left a vacuum – an open door – which has allowed other religions to spread. A lack of passion for building God’s Kingdom has contributed to this — this is not a recent phenomena. Since the anniversary of the Reformation is right around the corner, we will take that as an example. Martin Luther had become very disturbed at the abuses of power that were happening in the Catholic Church. It seems it was more important to build monuments to men (disguised as monuments to God) than to build the Kingdom of God. While the Protestant Reformation happened and revived the fires of building the Kingdom of God, it didn’t take long for those fires to die. It was into this vacuum several hundred years later that Islam is stepping in.

We have friends that are missionaries with Global Partners in Germany who are ministering in the culture left by this vacuum. They also spent several years in the UK under similar circumstances. The question becomes is where is your passion. Do you have more passion about who is going to be our next president or is your passion building God’s Kingdom? The benefits of building God’s Kingdom are out of this world, while the benefits of building a political kingdom on this earth are only temporary and will fade away and in the long run your time will be wasted. Seize the day and build God’s Kingdom.

For another similar perspective, check out Perry Noble’s blog.

Just one week, until November 4th and our next presidential election.

Monday Night Bowling

Today was a great day off, but it was also my regular church league bowling night.  If you have been following this blog you know our team has been stuck in 13th place for several weeks.  That’s where we began the evening.  Because we bowl in a handicap league, we had to spot the other team 114 pins for the first game and 88 pins for the last two.  We ended up winning 2 of 3 games plus total pins, giving us 5 points for and 2 against.  It just might be enough to get us out of 13th place.

Personally, I bowled a 164, 141, and a 154 for a 459 set (a personal best again.)  This gave me a 153 for the night and raised my season average from a 134 to 136.  Over all it was a good night for the Preston 5.

Sarah Palin for President

In this election there has been a lot of mudslinging and many mean words said. I am one of those people who cannot take the stress anymore, so to get a relief from the all the stress I think we need a little humor!!! I am going to list my reasons for Sarah to be president.

  • We had male presidents for over two hundred years and look what our country is like now. It is time to see what a woman can do.
  • It would be nice to go in to the beauty shop and ask to have my hair done like the President of United States’ hair.
  • With all the credence she has had since becoming John McCain’s running mate, having a world leader call her the devil would not hurt her feelings.
  • If she can work and run a house with five children in it, she can run the run country with no problem.
  • She has been in beauty pageants. If you have never been in a pageant, you do not know how tough you have to be to survive with all the divas. She is tough enough to stand up to all terrorists in the world.
  • She is a hockey mom, she will be able the handle those cabinet meeting when they get out of hand.

So when I go to those polls you what will be on my mind? Yes, I wonder what is Sarah wearing and can I fix my hair like her?

Three Down, One to Go

Wow!  Nice game especially if you are a Phillies fan.  The hometown team got great pitching support from Joe Blanton.  Then the Phillies’ bats woke up.  Ryan Howard x2 — Jimmy Rollins and even pitcher Blanton got one out of the yard.  This is the best season since 1980.  Tomorrow night could be crazy in Philadelphia.

One crazy thing about watching baseball is the announcers.  I know that if I were a Tampa Bay fan, the announcers would have driven me crazy. They were making me crazy, when they kept talking about the inability of the Phillies to drive in runners.  Yes, we are all aware of the futility in the first three games.  Something like 2 out of 36 chances.  Do you have to remind us all the time about it?  I felt bad in the eighth when the announcers really got on the Rays.  It’s bad enough a team is struggling, but then the announcers seem to rub salt in the wounds.  The way the announcers keep going on about the Phillies undefeated home record in the post-season drives me crazy as well.

The Rays are worthy opponents — Their pitching has been excellent.  Their bats unfortunately have been as silent as the Phillies were until tonight.  Tomorrow is a big night.  Like I mentioned earlier, it would be great if they could wrap it up at home tomorrow.  Three down, one to go.  Go Phillies.

Sunday Night Thoughts

Weather wise, fall is still making its entrance to the Southside, although this week is going to be pretty cool.  The forcasted high on Tuesday is suppose to be 50!  The leaves are just starting to change color.  Today was a pretty day with a high right around 70.  The day started off very cool.

This morning I thought we wouldn’t have any students, but by the time Sunday School arrived we had more students than adults.  We would have had even more, but we had some sickness going around.  We ended up with 30 for Sunday School and 39 for worship.  It was good to see so many here for Sunday School.

I preached on Salvation by Faith Alone, making today a Reformation emphasis.  We even changed the altar cloth to red for the occasion.  The sermon went well.  Tonight we continued our series on Noah.  The question is what kind of risk are you willing to take for God?  Is God asking you to do something you might think crazy or impossible?  Just think at 500 years old, Noah built an ark that was 1.5 football fields long (an aircraft carrier is 2 football fields long) Three stories high, and 75 feet wide, using no modern equipment, no Home Depot, no power tools and just four men!  Talk about a risky move and then he risk the ridicule of his neighbors.  Why would anyone build a boat in the middle of nowhere?

Noah was obedient to God and because he was obedient, God saved him.  What is God asking you to step out in faith to do today?

Now, it’s time to go watch some Phillies baseball.  I would love to see them wrap it up in Philly, but that would take a sweep of the next two games.  More later!

Worship Recap

October 26, 2008
Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
(Reformation Sunday)

Call to Worship
–  Psalm 46
Song of WorshipSince I Have Been Redeemed (Excell)
Songs of Worship A Mighty Fortress (Luther)/Shout to the Lord (Zschech)
Worship through Prayer
Worship through Giving
Song of WorshipThe Apostles Creed (Unknown)
Worship through God’s WordSalvation by Faith Alone [audio] [video]
Song of CommitmentJust As I Am (Elliott/Bradbury)