Monday Night Bowling

Real quick update:

We started tonight in 13th place, 13 points behind the leaders.  Our team bowled really well, unfortunately the other team bowled even better.  Which means we lost all seven possible points.  (ouch!)  Personally, I had great expectations to bowl a 450 set.  That was not reality.  Here is the reality (114, 130, 156) for a 400 set or 133 average.  This might bump my average up a pin, because I started with a 129 average. I feel good about tonight, because I bowled as best I could and when I rolled balls that went astray, I could fell what went wrong and make the adjustment.  (Something that hasn’t always happened in the past.)  In the last game, I got really good at picking up spares, which is usually a problem.  Enough rambling for the night.  It’s time to go to bed.  Blessings…

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