Sunday Night Thoughts

A good solid day of ministry today.  I preached from Matthew 16 and Romans 12 on what it means to deny ourselves and to carry our cross.  Check out either message (audio or text) below.  We took some time during our worship to promote our students who are stepping up to the next class.  After we did that, we brought all of our students up and prayed for them and this upcoming school year.

This afternoon and evening (with church inbetween) I took our family computer and reset it.  It’s running great now. Several months ago we did the same thing, but I didn’t add Microsoft Office.  Anna has several AP classes that create much homework, so I tried to get it back to where she could use it — instead of it being a computer for games.

This evening we had a Celebration of Praise (with a student emphasis.)  It was a good night and thank you to Vicky for putting it all together.  Now it’s time to go to bed.  Tomorrow is a day off 🙂 .  Blessings.


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