Wednesday Night Mosaic Update

One word.  RAIN!!!!!  It has been raining on the Southside now for almost 36 hours.  Not that it’s a bad thing.  We are in bad need of some rain around here.  The ground has been quite dry, but now the ground is saturated.  I almost got the van stuck several times.  We had 10 students tonight along with our staff of five.  I was even called into one of the classes to be asked a very important question the students were asking — which is cool.  One of the things I plan to concentrate on this semester is the importance of making right decisions in all areas of our life (for example; music, TV, movies and other important subjects.)  Tonight however, I was in the kitchen and will be there again next week.  Pam and I drove the van both ways.  One it was my turn to drive and two because of the bad weather.

I’m praying it was just the bad weather that caused our bad turnout.  Pam and another staff member will be going visiting to some who have been missing of late.  It sounded like all the classes went well.  It’s time to go listen to some music.  Seize the Day!

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