Five Reassuring Features of the Wesleyan Church

  1. We still preach holiness. We have never stopped preaching the message of holiness living, however, in most cases we have left behind legalism. To many of the younger generation like me, holiness is defined more by the work done inside of us than by our outward appearance. This is not to say that someone who is in Christ and living by the Spirit will not change. The message of holiness is that the Holy Spirit will transform us in to Christ-likeness, that is, the fruits of Sprit should be evident in their lives. If we have been changed by Christ’s blood and He is working in our lives, there should be evidence on the outside as well.
  2. A strong mission focus is still part of the Wesleyan Church. We continue reaching people around the world. It is interesting to see how “missions” is changing. Now our missionaries go in partnership with the local church around the world instead of telling them what to do and how to do ministry, and yet changing lives and fulfilling the Great Commission is still part of the focus.
  3. The Wesleyan Church is still involved with training of men and women for ministry. We have five college and universities. We have made it a priority to get our colleges accredited in various majors. We also have FLAME, which is training second career men and women in ministry to our church. This helps those whom God has called and yet circumstances hinder them from packing up their families and going to college.
  4. As a denomination, we have rediscovered our job to take care of the needs of society, with pastors like Dr. Joanne Lyon leading the way. We as a church have a renewed vision of our society and the needs of the world around us. We have pastors returning to the city and places where, in the past, we have left for the comforts of the suburbs.
  5. We have found our heritage for women in ministry. We as Wesleyans see the value of all people. Not only has this helped fill empty pulpits, but also it has helped in the renewal of our societal concerns.

Even though I married into The Wesleyan Church, I am proud of our heritage — the value of humankind and making a difference in the lives of people and pointing them to the cross and that living like Christ is possible in our lifetime.


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