Waiting for Rain

It is no secret around here that it has been a dry summer.  I have been cutting our grass about every two weeks.  Yesterday before Mosaic, I went out and looked at the grass.  Most of it is yellow with patches of green.  In fact, the grass crunches under your feet.  Our little section of the Southside has not seen any appreciable rain in weeks.  We have watched good rain go right around us.  There are sections of the county that have had plenty of rain, but not here.  I’m watching with interest some significant rain off to our west, but it appears that it might be lifting north.  We’ll see if we get any rain today.  To say it’s dry here would be an understatement.

I was thinking about how all that applies to our spiritual lives.  Sometimes it seems like we are just living right under the showers — everything is going our way.  There are times though that we experience long dry spells.  I have come through one of those recently.  Over the last ten days, Pam and I have been spending extended times in prayer and in God’s Word.  We have even sung together over at church (just the two of us!)  This morning not only did I pray that God would bring that physical rain to our west here, but I prayed that God would rain on me today.  Fill me with Your Holy Spirit today, Lord.  Seize the Day!

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