Complain or Pray?

This morning as I was lying in bed trying to get up for prayer meeting, (Dale has decided to have prayer meeting every morning at 7:30 AM for the church which has been hard to do this week) I was listening to the radio. This week on our local Christian radio station, they had hints to help your pastor succeed so the church will succeed too. I was reminded that it is just as easy to pray, as it is to complain. (ouch!) We can get more accomplished by praying than we can by complaining. So this morning as I prayed in prayer meeting, I prayed that God would help remind me in the times that I want to complain, that all I have to do is started praying for God’s will be done.


One thought on “Complain or Pray?

  1. Say Sister Pam, Well, it’s been a long time. We were classmates at UWC. I worked for your Dad as trainer for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. We were in some ‘clubs’ together: missions was one I think! You have a great looking family! I’m really happy for you dear sister. I’ve married. My honey’s name is Linda. She is so precious. Plays guitar and sings. has written some awesome songs! She’s in the Active Duty US Navy. We’re stationed north of Detroit, MI at Selfridge ANGB. We live in Chesterfield, near New Baltimore. Take care, hope to hear from you! JB

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