August Compassionate Ministry

After Christmas last year, I was at Radio Shack to pick up Dale. As I was walking around, I came across some handheld games that were on clearance. They were under two dollars and so I bought some for church so we could give them to the kids at church for Christmas. One of the ladies in our church is (was) a schoolteacher and she was always looking for prizes to give to the children in her students when they did well. When she found about this deal, she asked us to purchase some for her — which I did.   A few months later more clearance merchandise had come in and so we picked up even more games for her.

With school starting soon, find a teacher that you can help out. Or maybe, call a school near to your house and ask what kind of things that you could buy to help out a child. Maybe your church could collect school supplies to donate to a local school.

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