Mosaic Update

Finally, a good report about Mosaic.  If you’ve been following this blog, you will know that our Wednesday night ministry to students had hit some serious speed bumps.  I was excited when I got to church tonight to find eight messages on the answering machine.  Several of these messages translated into multiple students attending.  When we gathered them all in 15 showed up along with seven of the finest student ministry volunteers you will find, for a whopping total of 22 (This is a major Praise the Lord!)  I really hoping our student ministry is back on track.  Not to say that all went well, because they were wired tonight, especially one girl on the ride home.

I also thank God for His traveling mercies — we had severe thunderstorms in the area while we were picking up students.  God kept us safe.  As an added bonus, we had a “make your own sundae” night that the students really enjoyed.  I am praying that the good response to Mosaic continues.  Seize the Day!

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