Sunday Night Thoughts

This was our first Sunday following District Conference.  As I mentioned earlier this week, we had a great time and I just learned that Dr. Anthony Graham will be back next year to preach.  He is a dynamic preacher who also pastors a church in Brooklyn, NY.  In addition to all that, our District Superintendent came today for his annual visit.  I introduced Rev. Greg Reynolds as my pastor and as their district pastor.  He confirmed that that’s what he liked to be called at our board meeting following worship.  Pastor Greg brought a great message (unfortunately the CD didn’t record — I have no idea why) from Luke11:33-36.  The key idea was make sure that the light you think you have is not actually darkness.

Following worship, the normal procedure is for the DS to meet with the board and we did that.  Afterward, our pastor took our family out for lunch.  He asked what was available in Martinsville and the kids replied, “Mexican, Mexican, and Mexican.”  We do have an abundance of Mexican restaurants in Martinsville, so it was Mexican for lunch.  One of the things I appreciate about Pastor Greg is that he is a PK (or Pastor’s Kid.)  While we were at lunch, he goofed around with our kids.  He especially enjoyed teasing the girls about dating other PK’s in the district.  He had Anna and Rebecca going pretty good.  One of the funniest moments was when Pastor Greg asked what time it was.  He had a pastoral installation at 6:00 PM.  Rebecca said, “It’s time for you to go.”  It was so funny and we all got a laugh out of it including Pastor Greg.  I love Pastor Greg’s heart for the pastor’s kids.  He also has a heart for the children and teens across the district.  He spent several days at both our Children’s Camp (complete with a pie in the face) and our Youth Camp.

It was a fairly short afternoon, and this evening we took a diversion from our Beatitudes study and looked at Romans 8:12-25.  If you want to see where I was going with it, take a look here. It’s time to wrap this up, so have a great week.

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