Mosaic Update

Tonight, we returned to Mosaic after a two week break.  It seems that maybe the break did us good.  While only four students had called before we left, we checked on two and one came and then while we were picking up the rest, one more called.  When we got back to church several had gotten rides.  We had a total of 13 students tonight, which is the best we have had in months.  If you count the staff, there were 19.  This is a major praise.  We had a time of worship and then I brought a devotional from Ephesians 2.  It seems the youth camp and being at the rally on Sunday night has made a difference.  After the devotional, we sent them out to get wet — what better thing to do on a warm summer evening.  Pam and I and another staffer, got busy making tater tots and Baby Bam’s.  It’s a recipe from an Emril cookbook for kids.  Sort of like a slider (think White Castle) but much tastier.   I think they were a little big, because I didn’t get as many burgers as I thought I would.  Next time I’ll use a 1/4 cup as a measure.

It was a great night and hopefully a return to a more normal Mosaic.  Carp Diem!

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