I’m Home

This past week, I spent an incredible week at something called FLAME.  God’s presence invaded the whole place.  This FLAME was special (in reality, each FLAME is special in it’s own way.)  My takeaway this time was we just had fun!

I will be sharing some videos of the band over the next few weeks for my Monday or Wednesday Worship/Music video.  It was great to be there and renew acquaintances with old friends and make some new friends, and I made alot of new friends.  I’ll also be sharing some stories.

I did return home to find my blog had been hijacked by [one particular post].

Here’s the story.  Several days before flying to Frankfort, I emailed the person in charge of the shuttle service if we could stop at a White Castle.  It’s been a few years and thought it was a simple request.  Well, I took some good natured ribbing for wanting to do that.  If you click on the above link, my friend Lloyd Moore to some shots of our visit to White Castle and then emailed them to Pam.

Thank you for your prayers, and like I said I will be sharing more later.

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