Interesting Statistics

I found this over on Buddy Rampey’s blog.  He is the District Superintendent of our South Carolina District.  These are statistics from 1997-2007 in The Wesleyan Church.

  • 44% of Churches average between 1 and 50 in attendance but represent only 11% of overall attendance.
  • Only 10.1% of Churches average more than 1000 in attendance but they represent 20% of overall attendance.
  • Assessable income from the 1-50 Churches is 10% of denominational income and the income from the 8 churches that average over 2000 is 14%.
  • 901 Churches use Covenant Membership only (53.28%) and 790 Churches use Covenant and Community Membership (47.72%).
  • 6 Churches that are larger than 500 in attendance have more Community Members than Covenant Members.

As we reviewed some of this information we were assigned these two questions:

  1. What is this information saying?
  2. What kind of questions should we be asking?

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