58 posts in 29 days?

It would appear that there was no case of writer’s block this month and that would be correct, but there was the live blogging from FLAME. There are times I have difficulty coming up with something, but November was not one of those months. In addition, there were over 400 hits to my blog this month — thank you, Wayne! He emailed several about the blogging I was doing from FLAME, so I had a nice bump in visits early in the month.

It’s interesting to see how people get here. One of the top ways people got to my blog this month was through search engines. What were they searching for?

  1. Pictures of Madrical dinners
  2. Information about nativity scenes
  3. Several different searches about other pastors who I have mentioned here
  4. A query about the Wesleyan camp in Denton

Today, I went over the 3,300 mark. Yes, small potatoes to the big blog market but I’m still amazed that I’m doing this 18 months later. Thank you to my small following; parents, friends and others. Blessings…

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