Wednesday Night Thoughts

To say that the last few hours were interesting would be a huge understatement. This afternoon I prepared to teach using the video that I posted below. I had planned to set the video up with several scriptures from Genesis 1:26-31, chapter 2 and all of chapter three. The key word is “planned.” I’m beginning to dread the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas because the students seem so wired. We had similar problems last year during this time of year. Let’s just say that before I got started teaching I found myself stopping a fight. I didn’t know that this was the Mosaic Pro Wrestling Federation (see, I still have a sense of humor about it.)

Thank you to Gayle for helping me out with that one, aren’t you glad you didn’t have the Middle School students by yourself? After we sorted all that out I had a chance to share with the students very candidly about their walk with Christ. I used the scriptures I had planned and then ran the video and then came out of the video with more scriptures that were planned and a few that weren’t. The scriptures were a heavy dose from Romans and I shared the gospel as plain and as frankly as I could and laid it on the line for our students.

I do believe God was in all this — one student received Christ tonight. My wife asked, “Did you think it was a good night?” I replied, “I believe with all my heart that Kingdom work was done here, despite the setbacks.” In addition, I got to talk with another student who is going through a particularlly tough time and I would ask you to pray for him.

After tonight, I am convinced that our students are in need of real revival and a passion for serving Christ. Could you pray for me in that way as God has chosen me to lead this important ministry to a small segment of students in Henry County. God is good and God is faithful. Carp Diem!

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