Sunday Night Thoughts

Today was a long but good day…We started by taking our daughter to Roanoke to catch a ride back to school before morning worship. We arrived back just in time for Sunday School. I had to set up the video projector and laptop for worship this morning and make sure the audio was good.

We had a great morning service. I showed the “That’s My King” video. It is a collection of words and pictures and moving images set to S. M. Lockridge’s famous speech. For every minute of video, I probably spent an hour creating it. You can see the results below. I had fun using Window’s Movie Maker to put it all together. I even made a DVD that I gave to both of our sets of parents while we were in PA this past week. I still think it’s pretty amazing what you can do with a laptop these days — O the joys of modern technology when it all works right and it did this morning. I followed up the video with a set of old and new worship songs (see the order of worship below.) We had a great time of prayer and then I delivered the message and I think the point was well taken.

I had been hoping to get some rest this afternoon, but there was an immediate need in our church family so we went to minister.

I loved the service this evening. I was low key and several shared wonderful testimonies of how God is working in their life and then we looked at Colossians 1:22-2:5 and had a wonderful Bible study. Well every thing is done for the day and I’m going to bed to get some well deserved rest. Good night and God bless

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