Sunday Night Thoughts

Today was an interesting day to say the least. I feel like that I have (and that is a reality as well) that I have been running for the last 48 hours. Pam, James, and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and show put on by the advanced and show choirs of Magna Vista High School last night. What that means is that the time slot normally reserved for getting ready for Sunday was pre-empted. This morning I went over to the church and prepared for service by playing (just playing) my guitar and worshiping Christ through music.
To make a long story short, I ended up doing much more than I had planned today.
This evening we had our annual fall festival. The numbers were much lower than usual, but despite that we had a good time playing silly games, worshiping God, eating and then hearing from God’s Word. The pictures are of some of the games we played. Because it has been so dry our bon-fire got cancelled. There is a statewide ban on burning. So through the magic of video we started with some smoke and ended up with a burning candle. I had a smoke video loop that played behind the lyrics and on the last song I had a candle background. What would have been really cool is to have a looping video of a candle. Hopefully one of these days, one of the video companies will offer that as a freebie. It’s very interesting doing video on a budget.

One side note, it is really starting to feel like fall around here. My last walk over to the church in shorts was a brisk one. But then again it is the last week of October.

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