Wednesday Night Thoughts

You can see below that the day started great and I happy to report that it continued on that track. Pam and I did some administrative things in the office first thing and set up for Mosaic tonight. Then we went out and did some more administration and visited one of our shut-ins.

I was a pretty ordinary visit until I read the scripture (I can’t leave until I do.) I read from Psalm 139 and as I read, I was overwhelmed once again by God’s great love for us and His amazing grace. After that I prayed not only with our shut-in, but also with another resident from the nursing facility.

This evening we had Mosaic and had 29 (which is not bad.) It seems the student are enjoying our new format and more seem to join in the singing each week. We tried something new tonight and that was to send the elementary students off by themselves and then teach the upper grades together. We’ll probably try it one more time and then evaluate it. They were just a little wired tonight. (It could have been the full moon!!!) I have used lessons from several times. Tonight’s lesson was called “Life Is Temporary.” The format goes like this: There is an opening question, then a short video clip, a few questions, then we take a look at what the Bible says and then an application section. The high school students were engaged, but the middle school students had trouble tracking (they love to talk.)

The important thing is several made commitments at the end. This is becoming a common theme (Praise the Lord!) Thanks for your prayers and keep it up.

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