A Hash Brown Potato Story

Each month, the men at our church gather for breakfast. We alternate the cooking duties and their are about four of us who cook. This month was my turn. I decided to make French Toast, with homemade hash brown potatoes, and bacon. The French Toast and the bacon turned out just fine. However the hash brown potatoes were another story. I learned some very valuable lessons. One if you are going to grate your own potatoes, don’t peel them ahead of time (because you have to put them in water.) I found out later that the secret to making great hash browns is to make sure the potatoes are dry. My potatoes were a looonnngg way from dry. When they hit the frying pan they became a big starchy mess and they absorbed a good portion of the oil from the pan. Nobody ate them and I can’t blame them. They were bad.

At that point I had another thought, I’ll take them home and make potato cakes out of them. Our family loves potato cakes. Good idead — I don’t think so. Last night, I tried to make potato cakes out of them — Can I say nothing and I mean nothing could save those potatoes. I started mixing them with some milk and bread crumbs and the usual ingredients for potato cakes. I even added some unusual ingredients, because the oil flavor overpowered the taste. I added paprika, chili powder, salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and maybe something else, but none of that was going to help (but I was determined to save them.)

I put the potatoes on the griddle and made the nicest looking potato cakes I had ever made. We had quite a bit of the mixture so I even made some for the local wildlife (squirrels and the like) outside our back door. We had plenty of potato cakes at the table. We served them up with a healthy dose of ketchup, not even that helped. They were absolutely the worst thing I have ever made in my life. We ended up throwing most of the rest out to the wildlife.

So there, I learned my lesson ALWAYS make sure your grated potatoes are dry!

It’s been awhile since I had a story like this and there is some spiritual application. Those wet, sticky potatoes are like our sins. We try everything to hold on to them. We try everything to cover them up. We try everything to make them look good. Like I said, these were the best looking potato cakes I had ever made, but they tasted awful — nothing helped. We need to learn that the best thing we can do with sin is to get rid of it. Stop trying to make it look good and just ask God through the power of His Holy Spirit to get rid of it.

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