On Reading Obits

Lindsay Goodier writes this article “On Reading Obits” for Relevant Magazine. When it comes down to the end of our life, what is important? The author has a great perspective on that.

In a sort of related article from Keith Drury on his students, Dr. Drury uses Jesus’ parable of the sower and says that many students are like those in the parable. It seemed to me that the ones who always had the flash and charisma got the “good positions.” I’ve never considered myself to posess those attributes. Drury points out that many of them have fallen by the wayside as well as those whose lives just got busy with other things.

I probably relate to the 30 or 60 fold. Drury refers to them as the steady plodders. Hey, I resemble that remark. He wrote a similar article last year In Praise of Mediocrity. The Lord has really been working on me over the last several years about this. God has called me to build His Kingdom. He has called me to Martinsville, a place that most people won’t think much about unless you’re talking NASCAR. It’s sort of like the starfish story. God has called me to do what I can do right here and right now. Gayle, one of my adult Mosaic leaders, gave me some great reports of what God is doing right here and right now in the lives of our students. Several of our students will be providing leadership at their school’s See You at the Pole next Wednesday. That is part of the legacy that God has already given us.

God has given each one of us a task, a calling (several in our congregation responded to that on Sunday) to fulfill in life. As Lindsay said my desire is to hear my Savior say, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.” I hope that is your desire as well.

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