Random Wednesday Thoughts

Where did the day go. Wednesday tends to be a bit on the wild side anyway, but today was just a bit crazier than usual.

I wanted to get a head start on a new project. Most of you know that we got a new laptop and projector and screen, but part of that was some new software as well. We purchased Microsoft Office for Small Business. We needed Publisher for our newsletter. The added bonus is that the most recent version also includes the ability to make PDF files, so now we can save money in the printing and mailing of newsletters by making them available via email.

In addition to Office, we purchased EasyWorship for our presentation software. Yes, it does have a bit of a learning curve, but my 16 year old daughter runs the software for Wednesday night Mosaic and does a great job. The nice part is that you can incorporate your PowerPoint slides right in the software and you can also mark DVD clips for playback. It’s all fairly seemless. We’ve had a few operator errors (mostly mine), but those are part of the learning curve. I’ve even been able to solve some tricky Vista/EasyWorship problems.

One additional piece of software we purchased was ServantKeeper. I was introduced to this Church Database software back in Flint and liked it then. It is all so user friendly. What is amazing is the company was just two or three years old then and it was user friendly then as well. I like the software. I spent a part of the day, entering the information. This is the first time we are attempting a concerted effort to consolidate the information in one place. It’s taking some time, but I’m convinced after that, it will be great. It’s probably much more than we need for now, but….

The way Mosaic is taking off, we just may need it. We had 31 students tonight along with 7 staff. This tied an all-time Wednesday night high day (at least during my tenure.) This is the third time we’ve had 38 on a Wednesday night. I’m still looking for that first 40. What’s amazing about that is that last Sunday we only had 33 for worship. That’s also the second time that’s happened. Having 30 or more students running around is crazy, but it sure beats the alternatives of a quiet church. This was one of the reasons we purchased the equipment.

How does Mosaic look? Most of our students are picked up via the church van or by various staff in their cars. Mosaic covers k through 12. We start with a time of corporate worship with all of the students led by myself on guitar, with presentation software. We have about a 25 to 30 minute teaching time in graded groups, then we take some time to feed them before we drive them home again.

What’s cool is that this is a God thing. Our church has been praying for young people and we now have them. There have been lots of good things happening. Several of our students (and this is a great surprise) are taking leadership at their schools for See You At The Pole. My daughter will be leading the students at her school. I received a report this afternoon about how our students responded at the See You At the Pole organizing rally this past Sunday. Keep praying for our students — God is about to break loose, I believe. I have been praying for a spiritual awakening among our students, and I think we are on the edge of that.

Wow! that’s the second time I’ve rambled for a while tonight. Go to go…

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