Sunday Night Thoughts

All I can really say is Wow! I’m still waiting for our students to get home. They went to a See You at the Pole planning event. I’m glad they did and I’m glad they were excited to go. See You at the Pole is a student-led prayer event around the flagpole of their school. It’s good to see our students stand up and be counted and praying for their schools.

This morning’s service was great. The Spirit was there from the beginning and several adults and students made commitments at the altar this morning. The question I asked was, “Can You Give Your Life for the Cause?” This is a question that was asked by Adam Crooks over 150 years ago. Crooks was a Wesleyan Methodist pastor who founded the first Wesleyan Methodist Church in the South. He knew something about giving his life, because he was anti-slavery in the pre-Civil War south. He suffered much persecution for his beliefs as did the congregation he pastored. I finished with that question as well as a song from Keith Getty and Stuart Townend Hear the Call of the Kingdom. It was very cool.

This evening I taught from the first part of Ephesians 4 and we had a good Bible study while our students are at the SYATP Rally. I am thankful for what God did today and I look foward to more good things in the future.

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