Blogging and Computer Musings

I found this post, How Often Do You Google Yourself several days after I had tried it. Kem is the Communications Director at Granger Community Church. The reason I mention it is that several days ago, I did exactly that. The search results were typical for the most part; places that I have left comments, or blogging friends of mine. I was surprised when my name showed up here under Pastors Who Blog. You never know where your name might show up, hopefully in a positive light.

In other news, I have been enjoying the new laptop the church has purchased as a result of a grant from our district. It is a Dell Vostro 1500 with 2 GBs of RAM and a 160 GB HD. Yes, it is running Windows Vista and there have been little bugs here and there, mainly trying to get my desktop XP machine and the laptop to communicate. I was dissapointed that I couldn’t try the Wi-Fi feature. None of the places we stopped had Wi-Fi. I may take it with me around town this week and try one of the local places and blog from there.

I took the laptop with me on our trip this week and it was nice to unload the pictures from the camera right away to view them, instead of viewing them on the small digital camera screen. If I would have had the right cable, our friends had a DV video camera and I would have loved to try the “firewire” port. The laptop comes complete with Windows Movie Maker and it was amazingly easy to make a short silent movie with the videos from my digital camera.

This week we get to finally try out the laptop with the video projector for Mosaic and I’m looking forward to it. I might try the evaluation copy of EasyWorship instead of using Powerpoint. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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