Sunday Night Thoughts,

Who could have known that when we woke up this morning the kind of day we would have. As we got ready to go to church this morning, I sensed that there was spiritual warfare going on. I couldn’t put my finger on it. We progress through Sunday School and were progressing through the worship service, when I put my foot in my mouth. Have you ever done that? I apologize later in the service, but as we went home and the afternoon progressed my heart and mind were conflicted.

We went over to Martinsville Speedway for their open house and enjoyed what they had going on over there before the showers came. (By the way, you can pray for us in this area, we really need some rain in Martinsville.) Isn’t interesting, some parts of the country have way too much and others way too little.

We got back home and the devil kept working on me. I was miserable for the rest of the afternoon and was dreading our service this evening. I took some time to pray about it and felt the Lord was leading me in a certain direction. We started out with two little choruses, “Lord, Be Glorified” and “Sanctuary.” Then I shared with the congregation that had gathered a hymn story. It was the story of Isaac Watts and his hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.” We listened as Dr. Bud Bence narrarated the story and then the Indiana Wesleyan University Chorale sang this wonderful “song of human composure.” After that I shared with the congregation what had been going during the afternoon and then we prayed…AND THEN the Holy Spirit “showed up” in a mighty way. We started praying at about 6:20…when we finished it was 7. God is really AWESOME! How about that; an old-fashioned Holy Spirit led prayer meeting on a Sunday Night! How cool is that? We have been praying for a spirit of revival. God is working.

Today, God reminded me why He called me here…He has called me to be a small town, rural church pastor. Small Places Are Magnificent (Thanks, Mark!)

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