A Visit to Martinsville Speedway

As noted in the title of my blog, NASCAR visits Martinsville twice a year. However, the speedway is here year round. As part of the speedway’s 60th anniversary, they had an open house today. We had full access to the entire speedway to take a look around. The track gave away hotdogs and Pepsi and even let people take their cars on the track for a few pace laps. It was very cool.

A rare view from the back side of the track. Directly behind us our the Norfolk and Southern railroad tracks. They were moved back several years ago to create this space. There are only a few hundred bleacher seats along the back straight just beyond the parking barriers.

Turns 1 and 2 from the Main Grandstand

Turns 3 and 4 from the same placeThe start/finish line from the flagman’s position

Looking down the front straight from the flagman’s stand.
They also showed various classes of stock cars. Here Pam has her picture taken in front of one of them.
Getting ready to take a few pace laps around Martinsville Speedway in the Kia Sedona. Wayne, I can’t believe I actually did this! Don’t be too jealous 🙂
I’ll give tons of credit to NASCAR drivers. This is not as easy as they make it look on TV. Martinsville’s corners are tight and very flat.
During our pace laps, I had three motorcyles following me. It was very interesting and very cool at the same time, but it also required all of my attention.

In less than two years our church will be celebrating it’s 60th anniversary. This little open house got me to thinking, how could we use our 60th anniversary to reach out to our community? How could we give them a way to “test drive” our church? It leaves me something to think about.

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