Sunday Night Thoughts (On Monday)

July 29th

Yes, everything is appearing a little late. Normally, I post what I am posting today on Sunday evening, but I had to go to my bi-vocational job and help them out with inventory. It’s always interesting to do that after a good, long day of ministry. I didn’t get home until about 3:30 this morning.

Yesterday was a good day of ministry. The worship went well in all areas including the preaching. I’m a firm believer that the entire service is worship, not just the music. As I went to prayer, I tried to remember Mark’s good tips for pastoral prayers. The message went well.

Before church in the evening, I met with our Wesleyan Women to encourage them. We went right into our evening service (which I don’t call an evening service.) It really is a time of Spiritual Formation, so we call it that. We sing songs out of the hymnal and I usually let the congregation pick them. We spent 15 or so minutes in prayer and then we went to God’s Word. We are working our way through Paul’s letters at the moment and currently studying Ephesians. After our time together, it was off to inventory…and that about covers that!


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