My Musical Worship/Pastoral Journey

1535_54675436504_5825_nThe Latest (Incomplete) Chapter

Preston Wesleyan Church, Martinsville, VA
It’s been a few weeks, since I’ve posted this, but that’s what happens when you have District Conference followed by vacation. It’s been interesting to write this journal of my life. The last couple chapters have been easier to write because they are more recent.
The journey to Preston really begins almost a year and a half before we arrived. During our fourth year of ministry at Fort Miller, we felt that God might be releasing us from that assignment. I completed my third year at Schenectady Christian School and let them know that I wouldn’t be returning for a fourth, because I felt God was leading us in a new direction. I sent my resumes out at that point and talked to several interested parties, most of those were closed doors. I really felt at that point, God wanted us to stay one more year, so we withdrew our names. Later that summer, we received an email from Shenandoah District saying there were several churches still open. It was late in the summer and really not the time to be moving students.
In the late winter of 2005, we sensed God was up to something. It appeared a door opened out of nowhere. I had asked Pam if there was a church anywhere in the US where she would want to be, where was it. She replied, “Newport News, VA.” During our ministry at Fort Miller, we had a chance to minister to several military families and had written to several of our Wesleyan military chaplains. The next day, while looking at our denominational website, I discovered our Newport News church was looking for a pastor. (the door we wanted had opened, or so it appeared.) I sent my resume to Newport News and as required by our Discipline, I sent a resume to our District Superintendent. About 10 days later, I received a call from Martinsville, VA. Not exactly what we had in mind. In the meantime, I had to attend my final FLAME in Stroudsburg. It would be the last classes I would need to take for ordination. The church in Martinsville was in a hurry. I think this was one of the first times the tables were turned. I wanted to make sure this was God’s plan. The church had been without a pastor for nine months so I understand why the wanted to move along. After several long phone calls, we finally decided to drive to Martinsville during spring break. After visiting, we really felt this is where God was calling us and started making plans to move. In the meantime, there was the final DBMD interview and ordination. I really do consider that a highlight of my ministry career to this point. I remembered I was a nervious wreck all day. Finally those words were said, “take authority to preach the Word of God, to administer the holy sacraments, and to perform the duties of an ordained minister in the Church.”
9780834193994After that it was time to move. We packed the truck and moved the family to Martinsville.
It’s sort of hard to write a current chapter…it’s incomplete. But since this is about influence, we’ll continue on. We discovered an old friend in the Praise and Worship Hymnal. It was the hymnal I grew up on and we had used in Fort Miller. However, the church was looking to update their hymnals, so we began a search. We chose “Sing to the Lord.” It was a natural step considering Praise and Worship was a Nazarene Publishing House publication. While at Fort Miller, I primarily played bass and occasionally guitar. Here at Preston, I primarily play guitar and occasionally play bass. I also play piano regularly on Sunday evenings. We usually sing two hymns out of the hymnal and also sing several praise and worship songs. Sunday nights are devoted to singing favorites out of the hymnal. Wednesday evening is oriented to student ministries and we usually stick with contemporary worship songs. Thanks to a generous grant from our district, we will be acquiring a laptop and projector to enhance student ministries this fall.
My current musical influences are Casting Crowns, Todd Agnew, and Third Day. Pam and I also listen to KLOVE and Spirit-FM. Yes, these are my musical and worship influences.
On the pastoral side, I have been influenced greatly by Mark Wilson. We have even had several chances to meet. He is a great encourager. Mark is one of our FLAME professors. I continue to be involved with FLAME. Since my ordination, I have been back three times in service and investment roles. Twice, I have had the awesome privelege of leading worship. I’ll be going back this November to lead worship and serve tables and be an encourager again. FLAME has been a source of encouragement and influence as well.
So there you have it. This chapter is “To Be Continued…”

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